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Intruder Alarm Systems

Whilst we of course cannot prevent every potential incident from arising, you will have peace of mind knowing that our Intruder Alarm Systems meet the required industry standards, are certified, and comply with your insurance requirements, giving you a greater sense of security and significantly reducing the risk of potential loss to you.

Our Wireless Alarm Systems are not only a deterrent but are packed with technology. These wireless systems are full of features & functionality and allow for increased installation flexibility as well the ability to easily expand the system. To customise your installation, a wide range of options, such as flood detection and fire prevention can be added to suit your requirements. Our systems are Intelligent and Smart. You'll get no false alarms as it reacts to real dangers only. If anything happens, the system will notify you in a heartbeat and allow you to act before it's too late.

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Managed & Monitored Detections

With an intelligent Alarm System, you get intelligent detection too. The optional flood detector monitors plumbing, dishwasher and washing machines for any leaks. The fire detector monitors smoke, temperature and carbon monoxide.

Intelligent Outdoor Sensors ignore animals and swaying branches, while the indoor sensors monitor glass breaks, door opening and shocks, and curtain movement. Sockets and power consumption can be monitored to give you greater control. all alerts can be configured to alert an app.

Scenarios are an advanced protection layer of your private property. They help to make your security system go beyond detecting threats and begin to resist them actively.

Automate your smart home with scenarios. Rest assured that every command will be delivered to the hub and executed thanks to a reliable radio connection and the rigorous operation of OS Malevich.

Ajax Alarm Systems

Advanced Security Features

Avoid situations when your staff forgets to close a roller shutter or lock a door. Set up scenarios to automatically activate electric locks and roller shutters as you arm the system or by schedule.

Deter burglars approaching the house with the bright lights and loud sirens. Use scenarios to turn on projectors if outdoor motion detectors are activated.

If you plan a holiday, set up a schedule to simulate home activity with lights, TV, and audio system sounds. That way, your home won't look empty and attract attention of the burglars.

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