Allow your customers with hearing loss to be able to communicate with you easily

Hearing Loops

Hearing loss impacts one-sixth of the population

Hearing loss also affects a third of the over 65's so it must be a top priority when providing accessibility and promoting acceptance. Hearing loops (also known as induction loops) are an assistive listening technology installed in millions of locations throughout the world, providing the accessibility many need to engage and communicate freely.

Devices such as hearing aids amplify all sounds. In busy, noisy environments, this can make it difficult for those living with hearing loss to distinguish the speech, music or conversation they are trying to hear.

Our hearing loops improve communication to your customers by enabling users to hear sound sources directly by cutting out unnecessary background noise.

Why Hearing Loops

What is a Hearing Loop?

When signs indicate that a hearing loop system is installed, all a user needs to do is turn their hearing device to the ‘T’ position and they will be able to hear with clarity.

A hearing loop provides a direct link to the sound source such as a microphone or television so people with hearing loss can clearly hear what they are trying to listen to. Speech is picked up by a microphone, converted to a magnetic signal by an amplifier, and transmitted towards a user via a hearing loop aerial.

The magnetic signal is then picked up by a telecoil within a user’s hearing device and they will be able to hear with clarity.

What is a Hearing Loop?

Why use Hearing Loops?

Face to face communication should be easy and natural, but instead, it can often be a stressful activity which causes embarrassment for those with hearing loss. Many people affected even choose to avoid businesses where till points or counters are poorly provisioned.

We can supply the technology that can be put in place which allows you to realise the full potential of every customer interaction, resulting in happy customers and an excellent reputation. There is also legislation that stipulates where hearing loops should be installed. In order to comply with recent regulations, you need to know what they say.

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